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How to Keep Your Business Going despite Flood Threats

Find out how flood protection can prevent you from spending on the heavy cost of replacements and repairs every time a flood hits your business!

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Do you have a strong desire to put a stop to damaging floods?

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By: Andreas Klippe
Where: From my desk in Kransberg, Germany (prepared in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines)

Thank you very much for joining me in the recently concluded webinar. I am very happy to introduce this modern and trusted technology to you because I strongly believe that this will help you a lot in flood-protecting your business.

Yet, I know the possibility of you getting overwhelmed with the information presented. Maybe I was talking a little fast, too. I’m sorry, I just got excited. However, if you want to absorb the information in the webinar, NO PROBLEM! You can rewatch the webinar again! And it’s for FREE still.

Watch the WEBINAR REPLAY. It’s for a limited time only.


Dr. Andreas Klippe

President and CEO, Flood Control Asia RS Corp.

On November 24, 2021, business owners who want to find out the ultimate solution to flooding problems gathered in one WEBINAR about “How to Keep Your Business Going despite Flood Threats.”

Here are some of the HIGHLIGHTS:

The participants on the webinar were a bunch of enthusiastic people who have had flooding problems, one time or another. Some of them had damaged equipment. Some had damaged furniture that was beyond repairable. Different names from different places, yet all with one aim: to stop floods from damaging their businesses.
Also in the event were German and Swedish Ambasaddresses to the Philippines, H.E. Anke Reiffenstuel and H.E. Annika Thunborg, respectively. Both of them mentioned the challenge of climate change and the smart and sustainable solutions that their countries can share with the Philippines.
Our main speaker, German Engineer and Flood Expert, Dr. Andreas Klippe interacted with our webinar participants from his desk in Kransberg Germany. Different time zones were never a hindrance for our flood expert as he speaks about the ultimate solution to flooding problems.
Our guest speaker, Principal Architect-Urban Planner and Founder Palafox Associates,
Ar. Felino “Jun” Palafox Jr., together with event moderators, joined the webinar LIVE from Asian Headquarters in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines.
A successful Hydrostatic Test was also conducted in the RS Asian Headquarters in Clark, Pampanga. During the test, the flood barriers were deployed in an area with 1.2 meters of water. No leaks were found during the Test.

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Webinar Reviews:
A lot of satisfied people

For whom is this event?

  1. Manufacturing business owners who l always see as my own “family” because we have the same painful experience or worries when our expensive machines and equipment are damaged by floods.
  2. Hotel owners who always wanted a flood protection system for their precious guests, especially to protect their expensive vehicles in the hotel basement car park.
  3. Shopping malls owners to protect multiple shop lots against floods, especially those located at ground level. Once I saw a 6 foot tall male shop owner crying over his clothing products all being submerged and destroyed by the flood water. The pain is beyond our imagination.
We do not want to clean up the mess, spend our hard-earned money on repair and replacement purchases after a flooding incident.

Companies that already benefit from flood protection

Learn more about this flood protection.

Webinar Agenda

Flood Protection for Business Owners

November 24, 2021

9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

How do you protect your business, its premises, and their equipment against floods?
Why is it important to have an inventory of all my equipment, machines, and furniture? How will that help me protect my business from upcoming floods?
How to find and calculate the cost of valuables in your business?
Because flooding situations are getting worse, is there still a way for me to protect all my hard-earned investments against floods?
Shall I include flood protection in my business or will I just burn my money when I do that?
How long can I be protected from floods? Will the next generations of my family benefit from flood protection?

Will I still need a flood damage emergency fund after being fully flood protected?

Let’s start your flood protection project!

Guest Speaker

Arch. Felino “Jun” Palafox, Jr.

Principal Architect-Urban Planner and Founder of Palafox Associates

A visionary architect, lecturer, educator, author, philanthropist, and trusted thought leader and advisor.
Has lectured in more than 20 countries, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.
In 2017, he was awarded by the JCI Senate as one of the three Top Outstanding Filipinos for the field of Architecture.
Forbes Asia Magazine has cited him as one of the 48 Heroes of Philanthropy in Asia.
In 2019, he was recognized as the Most Outstanding Professional in the Field of Environmental Planning by the Professional Regulation Commission.

An active member of various local and international organizations.

Two clients of Arch. Palafox asked him to come up with a solution to flooding. As a result, the good architect made plans on integrating a robust flood solution that can provide his clients with peace of mind.

Listen to Arch. Palafox as he gives the details of this solution that can protect hard-earned business properties against floods.

Stories from our customers

Arnell Ignacio

TV & Radio Personality / Homeowner

Rizal, Cainta, Philippines

Anthony Quijano

Homeowner / Businessman

Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines
Lamberto & Priscilla Carpio


Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines
Beth Alacar

Marketing Manager

Quezon City, Philippines
Van Dan Sathe


General Manager/Sandvik Asia

Maharashtra, India
Gloria Chua

Business Woman/Homeowner

Cabanatuan City, Philippines

Testimonies from the Diginitaries

Kind words from the German Ambassadress to the Philippines

The people are struggling with the water during floods, typhoons and heavy rain – so I trusted the expertise of the (German company) Flood Control Asia RS Corp. to choose the right flood barriers in order to ensure the continued provision of essential services to the population in such challenging times. So, the power supply, health care, telecommunications – things like these that are essential in times of natural disasters – are functioning.

H.E. Anke Reiffenstuel

Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany
to the Philippines
German Embassy, Manila

The people are struggling with the water during floods, typhoons and heavy rain – so I trusted the expertise of the (German company) Flood Control Asia RS Corp. to choose the right flood barriers in order to ensure the continued provision of essential services to the population in such challenging times. So, the power supply, health care, telecommunications – things like these that are essential in times of natural disasters – are functioning.

H.E. Anke Reiffenstuel

Ambassador of the Federal Republic
of Germany to the Philippines
German Embassy, Manila

Remarks from a CEO of a leading business conglomerate in Qatar

To protect Doha Education City from flash flooding, the German RS Barriers were put up semi-permanently at twelve (12) governmental buildings for safety even under severe weather conditions.

Dr. Fadi Jomaa

CEO of Al Qamra Holding Group
Doha, Qatar

Message from the Governor of Bataan, Philippines

We are very happy. As you know, the district hospital in Dinalupihan is constantly flooded…this German technology can flood-protect the Dinalupihan [hospital], the doctors, the nurses, and most especially the patients. When the rain comes, we will not no longer fear floods.

Hon. Albert “Abet” Garcia

Provincial Governor
Bataan, Philippines

Find out how we can help you.

Who is the organizer?

Dr. Andreas Klippe
attended Eternit AG in Berlin for his university education. Later, he served as an academic assistant at the Berlin Institute of Chemical Engineering where he worked with top-notch professors.

He continued with his studies until he earned his doctorate in engineering. In 2014, he founded Flood Control Asia RS Corporation, in which he is the President and CEO. This company benefitted numerous people through gainful employment even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the pandemic, RS, together with the German government, flood-protected two medical facilities in the Philippines. Towards the end of 2021, Dr. Klippe has focused on educating house owners on how to protect themselves against the dangers of floods.

In the next years, he earnestly hopes to protect 10,000 buildings in Asia.

Myth about Integrating Flood Protection System to your business:

“Just settle with a cheap flood solution like sandbags. As long as the insurance company accepts and agrees to cover the flood loss.”

Yes, insurance coverage will compensate for the cost of replacement and repairs. But how about the time loss when the factory faces operation halts? How about the extra effort needed to clean up the huge mess caused by the flood? How about the delay of all the business plans for the year?

“Climate change is just a myth. The flood is hitting certain flood prone area only, it won’t hit us, as we never experienced flood before”

Climate change is increasing the frequency of our strongest storms. A trend of strong storms is expected to continue throughout this century. Stronger storms bring greater rains. In fact, different places around the world are experiencing their greatest floods in centuries.

Flood-prone areas experiencing more severe flood, flood free areas are going to experience their first flood very soon.

“No need to engage with any flood expert, you can just simply cut off some steel bar with cheap cost and use it as flood barriers”

Plenty of customers come to us after they tried to do flood protection with their own way. It is proven enough that a flood protection system is not just stacking up a few steel bars. It involves proper technology and engineering service so the flood barriers will surely withstand strong floods.

Let’s join us in the webinar, I will show you more proven cases, why self-made flood barriers always fail to serve their purpose.

Let’s start your flood protection project.

Feedback from Previous Webinars

Start your flood protection project now.

Explicit WARNING:

If you are looking for a “soldier of fortune flood protection” on how to protect your house, garden, and cars without money in 3 weeks (preferably without any clue or effort), you have come to the wrong place!